Hello! I am Sandra. Welcome to my little slice of heaven. I’m doing this for the Love of God. I am a Child of God, but I was never one to fully care much but I did believe in him. I’d chuckle and laugh at believers and mock them as if I was better and to me “those people” were weirdos.  Codependency is a big one so this site is dedicated to those who dealt with dysfunctional relationships that ultimately fail.  I’ve got a story and many lessons I’d learn along the journey so far. I’m here to share it and what Love of God has done for me, continues to do & forever will continue to do for me every day. God has led me to start this website because throughout my life, the ups and downs, He has always been there. I’ll get into why and how by blogging here. Needless to say, he has blessed me, over and over, with gifts and talents, visions, corrections for soul growth, struggles to overcome and freedom from my hurts, pains and habits. My objective and passion is to share, the Love of God in my life through my stories, my transformation.

My Journey wasn’t always an easy one and in the midst of it being a total mess, I found Jesus. I found out about myself and learned that I was living a lie. Today I am free from codependency and may other  character flaws. I have a peace in my heart because I let go of the regret & shame. The embarrassment that I felt when it came to the subject God. My mind was transformed in Christ and the support of my sisters and brothers. I’m here to share my experiences.

From the day I was born I led a life of sin. The evil one tried to take me out a few times and failed. As a child I experienced situations such as abandonment, neglect, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, lies, withholding the truth, more sin, fear of disappointing someone. As I got older It got 1000 times worse,  codependency, lust, self sabotage, more drugs, more abuse, more lust driven sex, committing adultry, pride, sexual confusion, sloth, fear of success and many many character flaws… On the outside you’d never know…

It took until l was 40 for me to realize all the lies I lived. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I was a terrible person. Part of me knew what I was doing and that it was wrong. Another part of me felt that what I did was so natural that I couldn’t be wrong. Since most of this stemmed from my child hood, I had done all I knew to live, to survive. By age 5 I had confusion as to what “healthy” attention was. I ruined every relationship I had before it even took off the ground. When I did find a “Good one” it was never for the right reasons, nor did the relationships last. Have it noted, I am not perfect. I never claim to be ,but the Love of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of my full life of mostly sin and self defeating behaviors is wiped clean and be able to start over without all the heavy burden that comes along with living a life of sin and addiction, has been such a blessing that I want to share my stories, my lessons and my wisdom with the world because,  God told me, YOU MATTER.



I want people to learn from my tough lessons so they can create a better life for themselves.




My goals for this site is simple. This site be a Judgment Free Zone when it comes to content and comments on this website. Breaking down codependency in all sorts of forms and situations where it can be identifiable to the readers. Another goal of mine is to help others gain victory over their own pain, confusion & hang-ups by shedding light on Jesus Christ and what he has done in my life. We will be peeling the layers of our onions back one at a time as we expose ourselves bare, accept our flaws & Move forward. I will be open and honest about my story and where it brought me so people know their not alone & that through my stories, you will see that your story matters and can make all the difference in another’s life. Spread the love of Jesus.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. Thank You.

God Bless & All the Best to you~

~Sandra Berry