Childhood Subconscious Programming & Being Codependent

Understanding a little science of how the brain develops helps us understand that as a child, from age 0-7 we learn how to be us. This is the time our personalites and bodies are being developed. If a child suffered from abandonment, neglect, being abused verbally mentally, sexually, physically, or any type you may be codependent. If you were easily manipulated because you dont have your boundries in place, regretful for doing things for everyone to pease them when you agreed to do it in the first place, or you felt less important then everyone else, you will most likely suffer with codependency This is the negative result of a damaged upbringing. as to the circumstances that we were raised mentally, emotionally & most important, spiritually. Let’s shed some light and my personal experience.

Defining our topics…

Definition – Codependency: a consious & unconscious behavior characterized by excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction. 

Definition  – Subconscious Programming: the programming of the subconscious mind controls the weight, shape, health, energy, functions of the body &  the programming of the subconscious mind directs your automatic actions.

 How I see it..

Heres my view, so from the day we are born untill age 7, our brain is like a sponge absorbing knowledge. During that time frame the human brain is in what is called a “theta” state which is like the equivellent of us being zonned out or half asleep or in meditation mode but were still alert. The brain is taking it all in. every surrounding, every bump, or hiccup all the while creating the foundation of the person you grew up to be.are and developing coping skills.The human brain learns how to communicate, manipulate, to share, care, and more., We absorb everything & learn how to be people, what gets your desired results, ,how to act and react all by watching and practing all the things that out caregivers have done as we watch, daily, for 7 years. This, my friend, is what we would call our “Foundation”  My Codependency had always been active in all my thought process. Ever since I could remember I had a hunger for my mothers attention, or anyones for that matter. My mom, bless her soul she did her job here on earth to raise me as she did and tho as a child I didnt have as much attention, nutrure as I required. because she was physically incapeable.  As an adult, my mother and I became codependent on eachother, she needed me and I needed her to need me. . She was a beautiful, comforting and loving mom who had regrets. Bless Her Soul.

My conlcusion…

Wihtout the fufilment of attention, I learned to seek attention other places. I got really good at mastering getting my way. I put myslef in dark places in which we will speak about in another post. This is why it is important to treat others with love and kindness. If we werent so harsh with eachother, or neglectful weather we realize it or not, we would all be living in such a better place. God wants to help you see this pattern in your life. he wants you to learn from it and move forward.

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