Experience codependency freedom today –

 Welcome all to this site. We are here today to speak about codependency freedom and what that requires to achieve.


My name is Sandra and welcome!

I am a woman who spent years of her life living with codependency.  Just recently God has shown me where I have gone wrong all my life, why I couldn’t ever keep good friends or relationships. I believe now a days, codependency is a rather massive energy that needs to be tamed. Now that I can clearly see the beast that took me out many times in my life,  I also see how it took me down a path of self discovery. I am beyond grateful for this experience and it is too rewarding of a feeling for me not to share. So, Today, I share with you how I identified the codependent behavior in my life.

Codependency seems to be its own entity and its objective is to destroy our relationships with others. In my head its a satan driven ploy to create discord in our lives.  Taking these steps to overcome codependency is the first step to developing healthy relationships with others. Now lets dive in!

STEP 1   Honesty with your inner self:

Identifying your behavior by being 100% honest with yourself and your relationships in life.

Take the time to focus on the most important relationships in your life. Now, take a look at how others may have viewed your relationship weather its a positive or a negative. It took me years and years of being “asleep” as I call it, and repeating the same cycles over and over to see what I was doing. Here are some identifiers (and there are many more for this topic). Can you relate?


STEP 2)  5 ideas to help you identify Codependency in your life:

5 Identifyers:  What was Filling the Void?

#1) Excessive desperate desire to have others care for you emotionally, financially, physically & spiritually.

#2) Consuming yourself with things your partner is passionate about instead of following your own passion.

#3) Low self esteem so you look for others with a higher esteem to carry you thru a relationship. You tend to follow their lead when it comes to emotion, and you create a dependence on their energy.

#4) Giving all you have in a relationship in hopes that the other person will accept you, love you, stay with you forever no matter what? Making you feel loved and whole.

#5) Feelings of total worthlessness when it comes to romantic relationship endings.

Honestly, this list could go on and on. The identifiers are many & if we pay close attention to our experiences from our about our past, we can consciously create a better result by taking a different route and beginning your relationships from a friendship first. If not, you miss this step, it is 100% accurate that you will attract same situation over and over.  A new action creates a new result just like anything in this world. 


Another way to experience codependency freedom its to learn everything you can about it so you have a thorough understanding of how its affected your life.