Welcome all to this site. We are here today to speak about codependency freedom and what that requires to achieve.

I am someone who spent years of my life as a codependent.  I built bridges and tore them down. When I found God, he has shown me what my life looked like from a different view. I realized I have gone wrong most of my life. I am a genuine loving and caring person, but I would take advantage where I needed a void filled. I wondered why I couldn’t keep good friends or relationships. I believe now a days, codependency is a rather common in many people that needs to be tamed. Now, I see the beast that took me out many times & I also see how it took me down a path of self discovery. I am beyond grateful for this experience and it is too rewarding of a feeling for me not to share. So, Today, I share with you how I identified the codependent behavior in my life & how codependency freedom is necessicary.

Codependency seems to be its own entity and its objective is to destroy our relationships with others. In my head its a Satan driven plot to create discord in our lives. Taking steps to overcome codependency is key to developing healthy relationships with others. Now lets dive in!

*  Honesty with your inner self:

Identifying your behavior by being 100% honest with yourself and your relationships in life.

Take the time to focus on the most important relationships in your life. Now, take a look at how others may have viewed your relationship weather its a positive or a negative. It took me years and years of being “asleep” as I call it, and repeating the same cycles over and over to see what I was doing. Here are some identifiers (and there are many more for this topic). Can you relate?

*  5 ideas to help you identify Codependency in your life:

5 Identifiers:  What was Filling the Void?

#1) Excessive desperate desire to have others care for you emotionally, financially, physically & spiritually, mentally etc.

#2) Consuming yourself with things your partner is passionate about instead of following your own passions.

#3) Low self esteem so you look for others with a higher esteem to carry you thru a relationship. You tend to follow their lead when it comes to emotion, and you create a dependence on what they bring to the table.

#4) Giving all you have in a relationship in hopes that the other person will accept you, love you, stay with you forever no matter what? Making you feel loved and whole.

#5) Feelings of worthlessness when it comes to endings/separations.

#6) Beginning a relationship based on Lust and not Love.

Honestly, this list could go on and on. The identifiers are many & if we pay close attention to our experiences from our about our past, because we are individual and have individual experiences so only we can consciously create a better result by taking a different approach, creating boundaries beginning all types of relationships. All Relationships like: Friendship, Coworkers, Collaborators and so on. If you miss this step, in my experience, you will attract same situation. The old “Crazy Cycle” that we repeat when we don’t learn our lessons! Ugh! Don’t let it trap you. It is important to maintain yourself as an individual competent person to free yourself from codependency. New action = New results.

Another way to experience codependency freedom its to learn everything you can about it so you have a thorough understanding of how its affected your life.  Well go over through this site.

Believe in the Freedom you Deserve ;0)

Freedom from codependency can take  effort but you are worth creating  a life better for yourself without fillinf that void.  You just have to have a desire to change. If your reading this your on your way!!! This is part of finding truth within ourselves and knocking down the ego that tells us were not good enough. When we take steps to peel back the onion, we experience freedom in exposing and releasing limited beliefs and creating your best you.