Sharing an experience of God

He will reach you right where you are at without a doubt

“He knew my Heart”  My experience of God that changed my life.

  1. No matter where you are, if God has a plan to use you, he will. He meets you wherever you’re at whenever he sees fit. I’ve heard many stories of men and women finding God in prison, or through homelessness. I’ve even heard of him calling for people whilst at their best. This isn’t an uncommon affair for God. There is a plan for all of us and I am extremely grateful that he “knocked” on my door! I will share how he came into my life in a minute.  But first, my question to you is, “Is he knocking on yours too”? Feel free to comment below to share your personal experience as to how God found you!

Enough was enough.

  • Here I was 40 years old and nothing to show for all those years. I was divorced once,  in separation from my 2nd marriage, no stable place to live, staying with friends from couch to couch. I was in utter despair thinking I would never be able to pick myself up on my own. I thought nobody “good” would want me. My thought process was total pessimism. I was sick of being lonely & shamed for having to rely on others to help me out.  At one point I was living in a drug filled building with rats, bed bugs, & roaches… GROSS… An infested rooming house was NOT what I’d planned for myself yet I had no other options by this time. My friends were supportive and caring but weren’t able to help me fix my brokenness. Most of my family went on with their lives as if I didnt exist. At this point I was truly seeking an experience of God in my life. After all, I knew him as a child but forgot who he was in my adult life. I needed some answers while unable to see the big picture.
  • My negative attitude radiated through my actions, my words & experiences. I truly hated myself. The day I began to seek answers I found the tarot, I figured that I would get what I needed.  I so desperately wanted make something out of the nothing I had.  So there it was, the tarot, my guidance (for then). I desired financial freedom, I desired support, love and a stable place to live. For this I needed money. Little did I know, all I sought was already in me. I just had to find it.  I worked different jobs such as restaurants, coffee shops & personal care etc. These are all good jobs, but I wanted/needed something more that would cover the bills. I felt desperately the need to fix what was broken inside me in order to create myself a successful life. This was where God met me…

Being shown a way, through my way…

I would always seek self-help books and attempt to apply what I read. God has led me to books, people, jobs, and to this site so I could share. Some of my favorite books included “The body Keeps the Score” which is a great book that shows you other ways of healing. I tried another called ““>Love yourself, Heal your life workbook” by the amazing Louise Hay plus many more. But I needed more. I needed to find out why? What was the root of all the evil going on in and around me. God was guiding me all this time without my knowledge. He saw my struggles and how I’d attempt the same things expecting different result. Crazy? I think so! However, I was young, I had experienced neglect and abandonment issues. So while into the tarot I started watching all I could to seek answers yet it had me frozen in fear, unable to make any moves thinking I’d make another bad choice in my already miserable and lonely life. I desired so desperately to thrive like everyone else I saw every day.

Meeting me where I was at.

Its crazy the way God works. So now here I am, seeking to improve everything in my life but not able to fully identify and remove all the blockages. I’d been living with almost my whole life in shame, regret & resentment. Pride and ego led my way & I certainly wasn’t following gods lead, but I was on my way.  My mind was all about the New Age healing techniques and any possible quick fix. After all, I felt I’d already “Wasted” 40+ years of my life when in reality, I was just beginning to heal my soul. This was where I found Danielle. You see, God sent me to “Danielle” for an experience of God through her.  Though we now have different belief systems, Danielle had been through a rough codependent relationship like myself. She had experienced life with a narcissist as well, and she was also on a self-help journey to “Get it right this time”.  Totally God… Because I was into learning about her healing process and her journey, God was showing me there WAS a way for me too. She helped me heal my broken soul through learning about energy, & energy healing. This was about cleansing, clearing & moving forward after broken codependent relationships. Now This is was where I was led by God. With the blessings of  Danielle I learned intuitive energy healing & began to heal myself & I was encouraged to use the power of my mind with intent to clear up many years of  confusion. When the waves come crashing, there is an answer

This brought me to the God that knows and loves me.

I will always remain grateful for Danielle for showing me my worth and for God for leading me to his hands through her amazing transformation. She is a true blessing.  Dee is on all social media and has many followers. Check out her gifts yourself and heal your soul.  Begin to live in abundance as God has intended for you. Ultimately, Gods plan is specifically for you so find the help you need, where you are at and doors will open creating harmony in your life. Share the love!

Closing in Prayer

Heavenly Father, Thank you for reaching us where we are standing, May those stuck in tough situations seek help in which ever avenue fits their style. Let us love on eachother, bless eachother & respect eachothers thoughts and ideas.  Father Bless Danielle, her family, and bless this post, May it be satisfying & show there are many ways to you.

Im Jesus name,


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